Employee Loyalty Program

Indeed, office work isn’t the only thing that weighs upon the average employee’s mind. Mundane tasks like paying bills, booking tickets and shopping are a constant bother. With our Employee Loyalty Program, we make sure the workplace actually sets its people free. We take care of your employees’ to-do lists, leaving them with plenty of quality time in which to celebrate their lives.

  • Onsite support from well-trained concierge staff
  • Customized services
  • Curated benefits, experiences and offers
  • Complimentary employee engagement activities
  • Company specific portal and mobile application
  •  International reach
  • 100% Labour Compliant
  • Automated MIS reports

Never again let your employees spend their lunch hour, evenings or weekends waiting on hold, scouring the internet or trying to tackle their endless tasks. Our Concierge team is here to save them time and help them get things done. Your colleagues can access this service from anywhere – at work, at home or on the road.

Just some of the tasks we can help with:

  • Provide restaurant recommendations and reservations
  • Make complete travel arrangements, from confirming flights and seat assignments to securing visas
  • Offer a convenient and user-friendly online foreign exchange portal for all international travel needs
  • Book tickets – theater, sports, concert: from FIFA to fashion to music concerts
  • Schedule sightseeing tours and shopping excursions
  • Pay bills, renew driving licenses, arrange for personal fitness instructors
  • Shop for groceries, collect medicines, get cars serviced
  • Reserve the chef’s table at top restaurants
  • Arrange birthday parties, send flowers, recommend a great gift for a friend
  • Help to plan a corporate meeting, party or wedding at a hotel
  • Get government related jobs done, get home repair work done, clothes dry-cleaned and home pest controlled, etc.

Apart from these, your employees also get to enjoy exclusive member benefits and special offers.

Business Support Services

Offload your general business tasks to us so that you can focus on your core competencies. Our personalized and efficient Business Support Services ensure that you spend your time only on things that absolutely require your expertise.

Companies have found that utilizing mailroom services can quickly cut down on additional overheads and provide additional security. Our Automated Mailroom Services have helped businesses better manage resources while improving productivity and efficiency.

Benefits of Automated Mailroom Services:

    • Reduced operating costs
    •  Reclaimed facility space
    •  Improved process efficiency
    •  Improved process quality
    •  Increased information security
    •  Greater visibility and control

We bring you a super-efficient assistant to provide you with administrative support. Admin Genie is your one-stop office, and you can rely on us for:

  • Petty cash management
  • Office flower arrangement
  • Stamp paper & franking
  • Office vehicle paperwork
  • Team outing arrangements and catering service
  • Document and parcel delivery
  • Stationery supply

Benefits of Admin Genie:

  • Reduced liability
  • Reduced technology expenditures
  • Reduced salary expenditures
  • Improved efficiency

Reward Butler – The next generation employee reward program

It’s meaningful, it’s strategic. Reward Butler makes the complicated task of choosing and tracking rewards a pleasurable experience. Apart from aiding you to collaborate with the industry’s foremost loyalty experts, this program creates personalized customer experiences.

Benefits of Reward Butler:

  • Fully automated program architecture
  • Portal and mobile application based
  • Points based program design with in-built flexibility
  • Multiple redemption options like products, vouchers and experiences
  • End-to-end catalogue management
  • Automated MIS report for analysis and better control

Ms MoneyPenny – A managed front office service

Your front office is your organizations smile; the glint in its eye. Thanks to our concierge background, we know this better than most. We make sure the reception service professional is not just courteous and efficient but also well-aware of your company policies.

Benefits of Ms MoneyPenny:

  • Focus on core competencies
  • Free up existing resources for other purposes
  • Create operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Spread risk

Contract Workforce Management

We provide rapid access to highly qualified talent and a better approach to matching the right associate with the right position. Short-term assignments, seasonal placement or workforce management programs are just some of the requirements we cover.

Benefits of our Contract Workforce Management:

  • Fills the skills gap
  • Increased flexibility
  • Faster and better cost-effective hiring processes
  • Assess business needs on an ongoing basis
  • Fresh perspectives
  • Trial new positions or staff members
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