A motorcycle and scooter manufacturing company in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, has a large workforce of factory workers who face numerous personal and professional challenges. To support their workers and promote a healthy work-life balance, the company partnered with LesConcierges to introduce a concierge program 25 years ago.

The concierge program offered a wide range of services like bill payment, travel arrangements, home repair, and grocery delivery, all of which were tailored to the specific needs of factory workers. The program also offered virtual engagement opportunities like games and quizzes during break time and celebrated important milestones like birthdays, work anniversaries, and promotions.

The concierge program was an instant hit with factory workers, who appreciated the personalized assistance and support. Over the years, the program has evolved to include new services and virtual engagement opportunities, keeping up with changing times and worker needs. The program has helped the company improve worker satisfaction and retention rates, reducing absenteeism and improving productivity.

After 25 years, the program remains a core part of the company’s culture, showing the long-term benefits of prioritizing worker needs and building strong relationships through concierge services.

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