A US-based company with offshore offices in Gurgaon, India, recognized the need to strengthen its relationship with its employees and their families. As a result, the company introduced a parent concierge program aimed at providing personalized support and assistance to the parents of its employees.


The company introduced a parent concierge program that provided assistance to parents with tasks such as bill payment, healthcare appointments, and travel arrangements. Additionally, the program also offered virtual engagements such as online workshops, webinars, and Q&A sessions on topics like health and wellness, finance, and technology. The program also celebrated parents’ milestones, such as birthdays and anniversaries, by sending personalized greetings and gifts.


The parent concierge program was a huge success, with thousands of parents of employees availing of the service. The program helped to build a closer relationship between the company and its employees, as they felt that the company cared not only about them but also their families. The virtual engagements offered by the program were well received and helped to keep parents engaged and informed about the latest trends in health and wellness, finance, and technology. The celebration programs for parents’ milestones helped to create a sense of belonging and made them feel appreciated by the company.

Success : 
The parent concierge program helped to strengthen the relationship between the US-based company , its India operations and all its employees in Gurgaon. It created a feeling of care and engagement by providing personalized assistance and virtual engagements to parents of employees. The program’s success can be measured by the thousands of parents who availed of the service, thereby bringing the company closer to its employees and their families.

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